Питомник МаксиДжейн представляет впервые в России собак породы Perro de Agua Espanol (PDAE) Spanish Water Dog (Испанская Водяная Собака). 29 марта 2015 первая собака была ввезена нами в Россию и зарегистрирована в РКФ 10.08.15 за номером 4221728. История начинается.

 Kennel Max&Jane is the first time in Russia breed Perro de Agua Espanol (PDAE) The Spanish Water Dog. March 29, 2015 first dog was imported by us in Russia and registered in FCI 10.08.15 number 4221728. The story begins.

About breed

We describe in detail on the pages that Spanish Water Dog is a great companion, affectionate and loyal, easily trainable dog. It is fun and very balanced, strong and hardy. And as a service dog is perfect as a hunting, guard dog, a shepherd, a search engine, and many other tasks and skills.

About cattery

We are the first Japanese water dog kennel in Russia. Our dogs are imported directly from Europe, from nurseries best blood breed. The nature of dogs, health and exterior are time-tested. Each litter is carefully planned in advance. We do not sell puppies without papers. Tribal representatives have been tested and are free of hip dysplasia and elbow joints, and from progressive retinal. Planned litters or puppies available in the section "puppies".

Our dogs

Spanish Water Dog primarily a companion and our dogs live with us always. In addition we do PDAE dog breed Jack Russell Terrier. And puppies and adult pets live large, cheerful company. From birth, we socialize dogs, accustoming them to the man, sounds and smells of the outside world, as well as communicate with other dogs.

Photo Gallery

In this section, we will gather all the materials on the Spanish Water Dog. In addition to personal photos, we will try to gather information on water dogs worldwide. It preserved many historical references, as in the world of painting and personal archives. We will be glad to share with you any information!


Our nursery is located in the Yaroslavl region. On issues of interest can be treated in any convenient manner (social networks, e-mail, mobile telephony).

We are ready to send the puppy on a long journey, but there are many ways to send all long routes need to be discussed separately.